"...Rene 'blows' me away every time I hear her play!!..."

“...amazing…” “...A true talent...”  “...lady plays a mean harp!...“

 "...AWESOME! Rene is FABULOUS!! ..."

“...now that is one of my favorite Harp players!!!!!!..."  

“...The PINK case full of soul!  Wow can Rene play!!!  She made the whole room brighter!”

- Facebook fans

The harmonica is truly an expressive and intimate instrument. Rene Carlson understands that. She puts her heart and soul into every note she plays, bringing brightness and liveliness to her music in a manner that is truly unique. Her father, who as a depression-era farmboy kept a harmonica in his overalls bib pocket, taught Rene how to play when she was young. She's been playing ever since.

Rene now resides in Westchester County New York. Click Upcoming Events to see where she is next performing. Check out her Projects page to learn about some of her current initiatives. Click the Gallery to see some of the wonderful opportunities she's had along the way.

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